Windows XP – is it time for an upgrade?

April 8th, 2014 – Its the drop dead date for Windows XP Support from Microsoft. After that date Microsoft will no longer be providing any updates to Windows XP. Most importantly this means no more security updates for Windows XP and Internet Explorer. While you can still use browsers like Google Chrome and use a good Anti-Virus, it doesn’t mean you will be protected at the level you should be.

What can you do? If you want to risk it and keep using your Windows XP machine – then go for it. Just download Google Chrome and get yourself a good Anti-Virus. We recommend and sell AVG. One thing to remember is that Windows XP is older and came on older hardware. Sooner or later it will get to a point where the hardware won’t work. I would be very careful on what you do as far as accessing the internet. Don’t log into any websites that need log-in information – like your bank, Netflix, or your email. Better safe than sorry.

There are a few things that Windows XP will still do well and you can keep doing for years to come. These activities mainly include the offline variety. Windows XP computers will still be good for holding files, pictures, movies and music for years to come. Just make sure you have a back-up. But you can very easily use Windows XP to host these files and share with the other computers in your household. Got an old version of office you like to write with? Windows XP will still be able to do that. Like the photo editor and organizer? That will still work.

So have you thought about doing an upgrade?

We can help with that. It doesn’t have to be scary. We can hold your hand for the whole process.

You can go out and buy a new Desktop or Laptop. The downside to this is that the majority of all new PC’s and Laptops come with Windows 8. While Windows 8 has some good points and bad points…the big concern is do you want to take the time to learn it? There is a large learning curve for Windows 8. Going to Windows 7 is a much easier transition for Windows XP users. It looks similar and functions on the surface very similar as well. It’s just a lot prettier and better on the back end.

One advantage Windows 7 has over Windows 8 is if you are moving from Windows XP and have some old programs you want to use – Windows 7 Professional has a Windows XP mode that will help you to use those. Windows 8 does not include compatibility modes to help user older programs. It doesn’t guarantee that all old programs will work, but you have a much better chance of it being successful with Windows 7.

We can help you either get your Windows XP machine upgraded and into Windows 7 or we can get you into a Refurbished PC or Laptop with Windows 7 already loaded on it. Either way you want to go we can help you.

Bring your PC or Laptop by the store today at 606 N Sullivan Rd in Spokane Valley or give us a call at 509-315-9492 to talk to us about what we can do for you and your Windows XP machine.


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